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Submitted on
July 3, 2012


2 (who?)

commissions status: CLOSED

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 5:19 PM

Commissions are currently closed. I'm going to reopen them when I finish current ones. :)

Waiting list:
1. Purple1980 :star: :star: :star-half: :bulletgreen: almost finished
2. AvalonReese   :star: :star-half: :star-empty: in progress (suspended)


commissions info 2013 by Ithilloth

Prices are not restrictive, occassionally you can get a discount (if I like your OC, or theme in general etc). But also if you want me to draw something very complicated the price will go higher.

For complicated commissions or if you want me to draw something not listed above, I can evaluate the price individually.

I have a Paypal account so I accept $ and PLN. Polacy rzecz jasna mogą przelewem;)
Didn't figure out how to accept euro or British pouds yet XD

If you want to pay with dA points, it's also possible - if the commission's value is below 10$. I use this amazing calculator to estimate the price:
DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade


Default size for traditional artworks is A4 and for digital artworks it's 2000x3000 px 300 dpi, apart from headshots - these will be done on A5 or 1000x1500 px.
For A5 apart from headshots, it's 2/3 the price. For A3, it's double the price.
Bookmarks default size is a little taller and narrower than A6.


I work mostly with:
:bulletgreen:watercolour paints - Karmanski, Leningrad,
:bulletgreen:Koh-i-Noor watercolour pencils
:bulletgreen:Wacom Bamboo tablet::bulletpurple:Gimp 2.8 for colours, :bulletpurple: Paint Tool Sai for lineart.

RULES I know it's long, but there are probably all the answers you need ;)

:shamrock: To get general idea what I can draw or paint, look up my gallery. My fav themes are: people, fantasy, illustrations, fanarts, games, paysages, nature, animals, cityscapes. My fav styles are realism and semi-realism, I can also draw in manga style, though it's not my favourite.

:shamrock: First sketch: In 1-2 weeks from accepting your commission, I'll show you first sketch. If the scene is complicated, I can think of more than just one sketch - if you'd like to choose from more than one, don't be shy to ask for it (even if you want just a halfbody of one person).

:shamrock: Payment: Required once you approve the final sketch (so think carefully before approving it, it's the last occassion to make major changes). It's up to you if you choose to cover the Paypal fee or send the money as a gift.

:shamrock: Work in progress: I'll show you at least one WIP picture during the creative process, but if you'd like to get more or reverse - be surprised, that's absolutely no problem. Information about progress will be also visible on my profile page.
Of course you can ask for some minor changes if there's something you don't like about how's the artwork coming to life.

:shamrock: Time: Finishing date depends on complexity, how many commissions I have and my free time. Approximately it's from 2 weeks to several months. Please tell me in advance if you want your artwork to be finished on some specific date.
Art is not my only activity, apart from making art I also study on university so I might sometimes have delays with work because I have to study for exams. Please take it under consideration.

:shamrock: Online publication: By default I'll upload your commission in small size to dA before sending you the original, so tell me in advance if you don't want me to upload it to DeviantArt or if you'd like to receive it before I do it.
By default I'll also put your name (and names of the characters) in the description, so also tell me if you (or your characters) would prefer to remain anonymous.

:shamrock: Copyrights: Personal use only, please - I would appreciate if you would not make commercial use of my work or if you need to, ask me if I don't mind and to estimate a royalty. I won't resell your commission as well.

:shamrock: Refusal: In case you want me to make something I don't feel comfortable with, please don't feel offended if I refuse.

I'm available online quite often - usually everyday I check my dA messages, though sometimes I might be not around for a while (when I'm on field research, vacation or conventions). I'll update this journal if I'm gonna be offline with information about my absence.
When you make your decision about commissioning me, please send me a note using the form below:

1. Medium (pencil, watercolour, digital)
2. Type (portrait, half/fullbody, landscape, other)
3. Description, references
4. Size (A5, A4, A3, bookmark, ACEO)
5. Style (manga, semi-realistic, with lineart or not etc), optionally atmosphere (dark, romantic etc) and whatever else I need to know)
6. Payment type (Paypal, dA points, przelew :lol:)

I'll send you a clean scan / full size file in .PNG format via e-mail.
If you'd like to receive the full size before I submit small version to my  gallery, or get the original artwork, tell me in advance and send me the e-mail/ post address.
I'll ask you for your e-mail or address for shipping after I finish your commission, so there's no need to include it in the first note.

For commissions above 80$/120PLN shipping is free :love:

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :)

They commissioned me :heart:

If you have any doubts, why not contact my previous commissioners?
:iconpaweto: :iconjbeansv: :iconcreirwe: :icon3dstage: :iconnoire-ighaan: :iconirelelengar: :iconarieskin: :iconowlivia: :iconliteraryphenom:

Commissioned works
someone's bound to get burned by Ithilloththe curse breaker character portraits part I by Ithilloth don't you stare at me like that by Ithilloth out on the prairie by Ithilloth 

devil's disguise by Ithilloth the green leaf by Ithilloth prince of the desert realm by Ithilloth valkyrie's anger by Ithilloth  

little ball of fur by Ithilloth I will protect you by Ithilloth dragon tamer by Ithilloth evening star by Ithilloth immortality by Ithilloth


:icontradesask: :iconnorequests:

About art trades: well, I prefer to make art trades either with my friends or artists that are around my level. XD but if you're nice to me and convince me smartly or I just like your idea then why not. Just ask ^^

I usually say "no" to requests. I make living from my art, so drawing/painting isn't something I usually do for free. On special occassion I can draw something as a gift, I'm often announcing kiribans so there are also opportunities to get something from me just for being around and supporting me. :hug:

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your interest in my commissions! Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

  • Mood: Welcoming
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SulphuricGrin Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do believe I'll be commissioning you in the very very near future! 
I just need to finish the sketches of the three OCs I want drawn and the colours picked. :)
Ithilloth Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
yay! I can't wait to see what you'd like me to draw :)
Firrea Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
O, cieszę się że się zlecenia sypnęły :) Mam nadzieję że sytuacja życiowa już lepiej wygląda! :) Pozdrawiam ciepło :hug:
Ithilloth Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
cieszę się że się cieszysz ;p tak, już wszystko wróciło do normy tak jak pisałam w ostatnim journalu ;)
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